Click here to watch a short video explaining how to submit an application in REAMS.

Personal information and contact deatils

If you are having trouble inputting your contact details into your REAMS form it is likely you will have to update your personal details. To view and update your personal details click on the down arrow next to your name on the black tab at the top of the page and select ‘Personal details’. Then view and update your information on your personal details page.

REAMS asks, ‘Are you the named Principal Investigator at Lancaster University?’. Who should be named as the Principal Investigator here?

If you are a student and the project is for your PhD you will normally be the Principal Investigator.

If you are a member of staff and your ethics application is for your research project you should enter your name as the Principal Investigator in REAMS.

If you are a member of staff who is a Research Associate and you are completing the ethics application on behalf of another member of academic staff at Lancaster University they should be named as the Principal Investigator in REAMS.

If you are a member of staff who is a co-Investigator on a project which is being led by another University you will need to be named as the ‘Principal Investigator at Lancaster University’ here in REAMS.

How do I upload my documents?

Click on the upload documents button.

1.The document upload window will appear (see below). You will need to complete two fields with the document’s version date and the version number eg if it is the first version of the document it is likely to be version 1; if you have been asked by the ethics committee reviewer to make changes to the uploaded document the next version you upload is likely to be version 2, etc.

2. Then click on the ‘Browse’ button to find your document, when you have selected the document, click on ‘open’.

3. Then click on the ‘Upload button’ in the document upload window.

4. Your document will be uploaded in REAMS.

5. If you change your mind and want to delete the document you can click on the ‘Delete’ button adjacent to the document in REAMS.

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